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PHP Jobs and Placements

php jobs and placements


Texsaas Techno Park Consultants stick to international standards in sourcing the candidates for its clients Permanent staffing needs. We stand unique in having a keen eye for detail when it comes to grasping the uniqueness of a position and formulate suitable recruitment strategy.

Human resource is the potential resource of every company which takes the organization to a greater level. Every organization calls for highly committed staff with integrity and varied skills at not only in top and middle level management also in lower levels. Our extensive search process in permanent staffing ensures that our candidates are trustworthy, accountable, and skilled and hold strong work ethic.

'Texsaas Techno Park Consultants’ proficiency in all of the HR functions allows us to understand our client’s specific business requirements and target the accurate amalgamation of knowledge, experience, expertise and sourcing style required for the positions open.

We ensure our clients have access to unsurpassed professionals from the relevant skills / functional areas. We commit ourselves to deliver our clients qualified candidates within the aggressive time limits.

Our Permanent Staffing Search Methodology includes:

• Requirement Analysis
• Expert Level Sourcing/Screening Process
• Extensive Skills assessment through in-depth personal interview
• Meticulous & precise Reference Check/Employment history validation

Advantages approaching Texsaas techno park for your Permanent staffing needs:

• Fastest Turn around time in delivering candidates with exact skills.
• Concentration on core HR than recruitment process leads to higher productivity.
• Cost Effectiveness by cutting out the expenses of advertising.
• Best fit can be selected from the competitive & larger pool of candidates.


'Texsaas techno park Consultants’ competent team of Recruitment Research Analysts understands & helps in mapping and tracking the right talent effectively and efficiently in executive search process.

Being a top notch executive search consultant, Texsaas Techno Park provides high-end recruiting solutions to the senior and top level management. Our team of experienced consultants focuses on the highest level members of an organization and closely works with them in appointing the senior management.

The discerning quality of Texsaas techno park Consultants among other executive search companies are our greater knowledge in the market trends; Potential headhunting & Expertise Networking skills. These enable us to provide world class talent across all industry segments. We deliver senior managers with immense leadership qualities, vast experience who can move into challenge zone faster and at ease

Texsaas Techno Park Consultants facilitate competitive market analysis and helps your organization in answering the questions of..

What are your customers' current solutions?
Do they make or buy these solutions? From which companies?
Which solutions work?
Where do your customers need help?
How can you help customers solve their problems?
Can customers afford your products or services?
What external factors, such as competition, standards, regulations, and market conditions could affect your success?

We understand market dynamics and market trends such as emerging standards, changes in regulations, shifts in economic conditions, and technological breakthroughs which could change, enhance or destroy market opportunities.

Texsaas techno park consultants are established in conducting market research of various industries including Accounting, Airlines, Automotive, Advertising, Banking, Biotechnology, BPO, IT, Education, Engineering, Hotel/Hospitality, Software Hardware & Networking, Manufacturing, Medical, FMCG, Media & Journalism, Pharmaceutical, Shipping, Telecom, Healthcare, Software development.

Our expert group of market research analyst does extensive market research on Indian business market to determine the attractiveness of a market and provides with the market analysis report of evolving opportunities and threats. The information obtained through market research from Texsaas techno park’s Research Consultants will help you to focus on your product or service development efforts, as well as your sales and marketing strategies.


Recruitment Process Outsourcing Services...

Are you wasting majority of your productive time sorting resumes? Are you making the main HR activities (training, staffing needs, performance assessment) suffer to fill in the never ending vacancies of your organization?

We Texsaas techno park Consultants assist organizations in lowering the recruitment process burden by taking care of the Recruitment Process activities like...

• CV/Resume screening
• Candidate Sourcing
• Response handling
• Passive candidates Research
• Corporate intelligence research
• Database maintenance
• Skills testing
• Analyze market trends/recruitment market

' Texsaas techno park Consultants’ primary objective is to ensure precisely channeled selection of resources, to enable achievement of the company's business goals. Our recruitment process outsourcing bridge gaps between demand and supply of talented people. Outsource your Recruitment Process to us to get the best talents available in the talent market.

Our Expert panel of Recruitment Research analysts have expertise in handling recruitment process of various domains including; Accounting, Airlines, Automotive, Advertising, Banking, Biotechnology, BPO, IT, Education, Engineering, Hotel/Hospitality, Software Hardware & Networking, Manufacturing, Medical, FMCG, Media & Journalism, Pharmaceutical, Shipping, Telecom, Healthcare, Software development.


To maintain the level of employee satisfaction and motivation every organization should ensure timely and appropriate payments to their employees. We, Texsaas technopark consultants act as the backbone to fill in the payroll processing needs of your company. We provide the payroll processing service to your company at a much lower cost than elsewhere without compromising on quality.

Give the employee data and the fixed compensation package and leave the rest to Texsaas technopark Consultants. We understand our client’s needs and deliver what they require. We have the resources, experience and industry expertise to provide simple, profitable and convenient payroll processing services. We constantly update our payroll processing services in order to maintain global standards.

Our greatest asset is flexibility depends on the clients needs in the services we provide. We can customize our work to give the best quality output to our customers. We are very conscious about security and sensitivity of the information send by our clients. In order to maintain integrity of data provided, we use the top-tier technologies to keep the documents confidential and secured.

Benefits of outsourcing payroll process to Texsaas technopark:

• Leverage your time
('Texsaas techno park consultants’ professionals deal with your accounts while you focus on your core competencies)

• Minimize risks
• High value payroll services
• Avoid Penalty
• Eliminate software hassles
• Reliability.

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